Business Method Patents

A patent may be issued for a business procedure if the method is implemented with a particular machine, that is, one specifically devised and adapted to carry out the process in a way that is not concededly conventional and is not trivial; or else transforms an article from one thing or state to another.

Software Patents

Like it or not, software patents are here to stay! Instead of hoping that they go away, your best defense against future potential infringement threats by others is to have an arsenal of your own. So what types of software inventions are patent-eligible?

Electrical & Mechanical Patents

Our personel is experienced with wide variety of electrical and mechanical patents for different technologies and industries. What can be patented and what are basic required steps to obtain a patent?

Phone Apps Protection

Are you a smart phone app developer?  If so, you will want to know what forms of intellectual property are available for protecting smart phone apps.


The primary function of a trademark is to indicate origin. However, trademarks also serve to guarantee the quality of the goods or services and, through advertising, serve to create and maintain demand. Rights in a trademark are acquired by use or applying for a federal trademark registration before use.