Anastasia Mackert

Strategic, multidisciplinary legal professional with an eye for innovation and detail-oriented perfection: Anastasia Mackert.

Anastasia is experienced in managing patent portfolios, working collaboratively with researchers and industry, assessing patentability, perfecting intellectual property rights, advising intellectual property strategy, and responding to office actions. Anastasia is also experienced in obtaining, auditing, maintaining, and protecting trademark rights, and is a Student Ambassador to the International Trademark Association.

Prior to working with Malhotra Law Firm, Anastasia evaluated, protected, and commercialized Washington State University’s intellectual property at its Office of Commercialization, working extensively with various technologies including software, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, computer-related technologies, and mechanical inventions. Anastasia also has a Bachelor of Science in medical sciences, with minors in neuroscience and Japanese.

Anastasia has continued this technical background of intellectual property management and enforcement through her work at Paul G. Allen’s Allen Institute, working with the corporation’s gamut of intellectual property disclosures involving software, neuroscience, cell science, and mechanical devices. Among managing the Institute’s innovations, Anastasia wrote the Institute’s Innovation Management Process and Software In Process, shaped policy for the Institute’s GitHub working group, and researched and drafted memoranda on issues concerning intellectual property issues and potential liability in practiced business methods.

As a current third-year law student at Seattle University School of Law, Anastasia’s greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of intellectual property and cyber law.

Anastasia has received CALI Awards of Excellence for the top grade in the following classes: patent prosecution and litigation, transactional drafting, and advanced copyrights.

Anastasia has been working with Malhotra Law Firm on a contract basis since September of 2017 as a Patent Scientist, and plans to take the Patent Bar exam.